The Arts Wellbeing Collective works closely with:

Specialist Contributors

Maggie Brittingham, researcher

A colourful headshot of Madeleine Dore, a pale skinned person wearing red lipstick and a bright blue sweater.

Heather Gridley, Victoria University

Tracy Hardy, Wattleseed Nutrition and Dietetics

Dr Glen Hosking, Clinical Psychology and Counselling

Amy Hume, Victorian College of the Arts

Jess Jellie

Jacqui Louder, Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre

Dr Alison Robb

On Tuesday, our Lived Experience Advisory Group gathered at Arts Centre Melbourne for a day of future planning.
The Arts Wellbeing Collective has paired up with five Australian performing artists to create Digital Shorts – bite sized videos on some of our most requested topics!
The Arts Wellbeing Collective has joined LinkedIn! Staying up to date with us is now easier than ever.
Introducing our Lived Experience Advisory Group plus New Mental Health Matinees for Alter State festival
We’ve extended our engagement survey to Sunday 8 May 2022. We’d love to hear from you!