January eNews 2023


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New Release: Digital Shorts

The Arts Wellbeing Collective has paired up with five Australian performing artists to create Digital Shorts – bite sized videos on some of our most requested topics!

These shorts are perfect for people curious to learn about promoting mental wellbeing in the performing arts; covering topics such as self-care, supportive conversations, getting support and how to bring your learnings into the workplace.

Please take what resonates with you and pass these videos on to a friend or colleague who might be interested. For anyone wanting more comprehensive information on these topics, check out the rest of our resources here.


A new look for 2023
Launched in 2022, some of you may already be familiar with our resources Sleep Well and Speak and Sing Well. We’re pleased to announce that they have now been redesigned into handy PDF booklets – perfect for printing or perusing.

Sleep Well
Feel like you could do with a better night’s sleep? Quality sleep is a key component of mental wellbeing. Take some time to unwind and read through Sleep Well, full of practical suggestions and techniques for supporting restful and restorative sleep.
Learn more →

Speak and Sing Well
Performing and public speaking can put a variety of demands on our voices, so here’s a quick resource complete with a list of warm-ups and practical advice. Perfect for anyone beginning voice training or needing a refresher of how to maintain a healthy voice.
Learn more →

Online Survey: Understanding Self-Compassion and Mental Health in the Performing Arts

Are you a performing artist? We want to hear from you!

We are inviting students and professionals to take part in an important research project aiming to examine and explore the roles of performance-based stressors and self-compassion on mental health and well-being.

This research project is led by the Mental Health and Elite Sports Research team at The University of Melbourne in association with the Arts Wellbeing Collective. Participants will go in the running to win one of 20 $100 vouchers and will help advance knowledge of performance artists’ mental health, advocating for targeted future interventions.

For more information about the project, and to complete the anonymous survey, click here. Survey closes mid-Feb.


Support Act Wellbeing Helpline – 1800 959 500

If the thought of this year’s upcoming projects (or sometimes lack thereof!) has you feeling anxious or concerned, remember that the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline is a 24/7, free, confidential phone counselling service available Australia-wide to anyone who works in the creative industries. There is also dedicated First Nations support and dedicated support for arts managers and leaders available.

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