January eNews 2024


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Your guide to a healthy performing arts career in 2024

The new year is a perfect time to set yourself up for a rewarding and healthy arts career.

Our resources offer a trusted source of wellbeing advice for all performing arts workers. Everyone’s careers and experiences will be unique, so please feel free to take on whatever is useful to you and leave the rest.

Here are some offerings from the Collective that might be just what you need in 2024:


What to ask yourself before starting a gig:

Festival Well helps you to realise your priorities at every stage; even before you’ve even accepted the gig. Such as:

  • Why is this opportunity meaningful to me?
  • Why this festival, at this time, with these people?
  • What skills and connections can I deepen or build?

Pre-Tour packing checklist:

Did you know Tour Well includes a packing checklist? Like all suggestions in this guide, it has been developed by professionals and peers who ‘get it’.

Train to care for yourself and others better:

Our training program continues in February ; will you join us? Lay the groundwork for a successful, burnout-free year or learn invaluable tools to help assist others in a mental health crisis:

Meditations to kick-start your mood:

Here are our top meditations for entering 2024 with sustained energy and confidence:


As much as we may want to continue with performance work in 2024, sometimes we’re financially unable to. Financial relief programs run in WA, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD. While primarily for performers, some also support other industry roles. If you work in the music industry, regardless of state, you can also apply for a crisis relief grant at Support Act.

What career advice did you get in school? Chances are it didn't apply in the fast-paced, opportunistic world of live performance.
If you’ve found this year challenging, you’re not alone. But amongst those challenges, there have also been triumphs.
Fumi Somehara challenges prevailing myths about diet in the arts industry in our latest free resource, Nourish Your Body for Performance.
There's no better time to train; 85% of performing arts workers do not feel safe at work.
On Tuesday, our Lived Experience Advisory Group gathered at Arts Centre Melbourne for a day of future planning.
The Arts Wellbeing Collective has paired up with five Australian performing artists to create Digital Shorts – bite sized videos on some of our most requested topics!


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