Just launched: Power Up! for Performance Energy


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Power Up! by Fog Theatre with Kate Geck

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Power Up! a performance energy video that showcases the performances, artworks and voices of Fog Theatre Ensemble

Produced by Vitae Veritas and the Arts Wellbeing Collective, Power Up! combines bold artistic elements with movement, music and voice to shift the viewer’s energy from isolation and separation towards expansion, fun, and renewed creative connection.

Artistic Director Nilgun Guven and video artist Kate Geck bring together visual and performance elements to create a work that is deeply immersive, energising and engaging. Power Up! moves us all towards increasing connection, getting out and about again, and coming back to the stage.

The work is available in three distinct versions, a captioned video, an audio-described video, and an audio-only track with a narrator. 

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