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We’ve extended our engagement survey to Sunday 8 May 2022. We’d love to hear from you!
We Are Lonely is a podcast that seeks to demystify loneliness by revealing it in iconic music, film, and art.
We are currently undertaking strategic planning and engagement to help shape the Collective’s goals and priorities for the next three years. And we want to hear from you!
While we all experience change and uncertainty in different ways, it’s fair to say the new year has not kicked off how many of us in the performing arts industry might have hoped.
As 2021 draws to a close, we extend a huge thank you to everyone in the performing arts community and to all our contributors, members, and supporters.
Former Arts Wellbeing Collective Head of Program, Tracy Margieson, speaks to Patternmakers Managing Director Tandi Palmer Williams, host of the Theory of Creativity podcast
As mercurial Melbourne moves into the warmer weather at last, signs of life are returning and there are green shoots everywhere.
October is Mental Health Month – this time last year we launched SOUND MIND a beautiful music and conversation series exploring mental health and the performing arts during the enduring impacts of COVID-19.
Our friends at TNA hosted an information session to explain the criteria and talk you through the application process.
We’re thrilled to announce that Support Act's COVID-19 Crisis Relief Grants are now open to applications for performing arts workers via the website.
If you’re feeling like your energy and emotions are all over the place – you’re not alone. 
Deeply immersive and engaging, Power Up! combines bold artistic elements with movement, music and voice to shift the viewer’s energy from isolation and separation towards expansion, fun, and renewed creative connection.
Take time to rest, and attend to your own needs – when we are rested and able to support our own needs and each other, we can look up and ahead at the future we’re creating together.
Arts Wellbeing Collective Project Coordinator, Matt Heyward, speaks to Emily Tresidder, host of the podcast, How Do You Do That?
How do mental health professionals change their approach when working with artists? In a recent panel discussion, psychologists looked at key mental health issues in the performing arts.
We simply cannot know what’s actually going to happen next. Our industry is – yet again – demonstrating unbelievable capacity and capability to move with rapid changes.
As we transition towards COVIDSafe settings, we’ve seen our theatre capacities slowly increase from 0% to 100%. But, unlike our theatre capacities, we might have gone from 0% to 100% very quickly!
The Arts Wellbeing Collective has worked with Dr Anastasia Hronis of the Australian Institute for Human Wellness to prepare a new resource to help support the return to live performance.
As we head into Autumn and adjust to the cooler weather, this can be a great time to reflect, connect with the things and people that energise and uplift us, and prepare for what comes next.
The Arts Wellbeing Collective has prepared a new resource in partnership with Chris Cheers and Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley to support anyone returning to work in the performing arts industry.
The Arts Wellbeing Collective has worked with Chris Cheers and Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley to prepare a new resource to help leaders support the mental health and wellbeing of their teams through the return to onsite work and work-sites.
As COVID-19 restrictions ease across Australia, many of us are beginning a gradual return to work in the performing arts industry.