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Navigate Well

Open Navigate Well PDF Working in the performing arts industry is exciting, rewarding, and challenging. It is also uncertain, unpredictable, and changeable, and often confusing to navigate! Our latest guide does not tell you what to do, because everyone’s journeys and aspirations will be different. Instead it helps you figure out what matters to you, […]

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Festival Well

Open Festival Well PDF Coming together and delivering a wide range of events in a short period of time can bring a whole city, region or place alive with art and entertainment – and create a vibe that little else can replicate. That said, the intensity of festival delivery, long hours, hectic schedules, unpredictability and […]

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Speak and Sing Well

Be kind to your voice, recognise that it plays a huge role not only in your life as a performer but in your everyday life and how you connect with the world. Read on website Download S&S Well It’s important to look after our voices and keep them in shape. For performers with speaking and […]

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Sleep Well

A good indication of sleeping well is that it takes us less than 30 minutes to fall asleep at the beginning of the night, and we experience a few wakings during the night. Read on website Download Sleep Well The performing arts industry can present unique challenges for healthy sleep. Unusual work hours, workload pressures, […]

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Work Well Guide

View Work Well Guide The Work Well Guide is a resource that provides performing arts organisations/collaborators with practical strategies and evidence-based tools and techniques for creating mentally healthy workplaces. Your workplace might be backstage, onstage, offstage, a tour bus, a shed or anything in between – but it’s still a workplace! All workplaces can benefit from taking […]

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Tour Well for Tour Managers

Read Tour Well for Tour Managers Tour Well for Tour Managers consists of practical suggestions, evidence-based tips, and real life examples for designing and delivering tours that promote positive mental health for the whole company. Taking a production on the road is exciting and adventurous – producing a show for new audiences, building relationships with […]

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Tour Well

Open Tour Well PDF Read text online Tour Well consists of practical, evidence-based tips addressing common mental health and wellbeing challenges that you might encounter while on tour, so you can better prepare, take care of yourself, and help support your mates on tour. Going on tour is great fun – exploring towns and cities, […]

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