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Live performance is at the heart of what we do. Sometimes we experience long periods away, and jumping straight back into it can feel daunting. This resource has been designed to help you and your company thrive when returning to live performance, practical, evidence-based tips for looking after your mental health and wellbeing.

While this resource was developed in the context of public health responses and venue reopenings throughout COVID-19, the principles shared can be used after any time away from live performance.

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Back After Interval is a resource of the Arts Wellbeing Collective, an Arts Centre Melbourne initiative. The content was created, reviewed and informed by Chris Cheers, Dr Anastasia Hronis, and Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley, and many performing arts workers who shared their experiences, challenges, and ideas.

Jane is a NIDA graduate in Directing, and currently works as a clinical psychologist who consults to companies such as Bell Shakespeare and CDP Theatre Producers. Jane is also a large event specialist choreographer, and has worked on Pan American, Commonwealth and Olympic Games Ceremonies.

Before training as a psychologist, Chris worked for arts organisations across Australia, developing a rich understanding of the industryThis led to Chris Cheers Psychology: a business specialising in providing mental health support and workshops to clients in the arts, performance and creative industriesChris is an endorsed Educational and Developmental Psychologist and has expertise in supporting LGBTQI+ clients across all ages.

Dr Anastasia Hronis is a clinical psychologist and founder of the Australian Institute for Human Wellness. Anastasia is a practicing clinician, as well as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney.

Anastasia is also a trained classical concert pianist and provides performance coaching and consultations, as well as running workshops and masterclasses for those in the performing arts industry. She has performed on stages around the world including the Sydney Opera House seven times, and the internationally renowned Carnegie Hall in New York.


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