Designing a Psychosocial Safety Framework: COVID-19


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Existing COVID-19 guidelines have outlined advice for safely reopening with regards to physical health and safety, including hygiene and cleaning, physical distancing, and so on. These guidelines are designed to help arts organisations and companies consider psychosocial safety as well.

The guidelines are designed to help create a psychosocial safety framework for reopening in the context of COVID-19 restrictions, and to put in place strategies for mitigating risks to mental health and wellbeing that:

  • Prevent psychosocial work-related hazards
  • Promote positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Manage mental health and wellbeing problems effectively

Actions in these guidelines are intended to support the psychosocial safety of:

  • Team and company members, leaders and managers, volunteers, presenters, collaborators and others who work on live performance sites and events

We hope these guidelines help you to:
Explore proactive preventative strategies to remove or respond to known and emerging risks to mental health and wellbeing. Strategies and suggestions are grouped underneath key psychosocial factors (which are anything in the design or management of work which can increase or decrease mental health and wellbeing) and addressed through an integrated approach:

  • Promote the positive aspects and protective factors of work
  • Prevent mental health problems by eliminating or reducing risks
  • Manage mental health problems if and when they arise

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