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The Arts Wellbeing Collective paired up with five Australian performing artists to create our Digital Shorts – bite sized videos on some of our most requested topics! These shorts are perfect for people curious to learn about promoting mental wellbeing in the performing arts; covering topics such as self care, supportive conversations, getting support and how to bring your learnings into the workplace.

Please take what resonates with you and pass these videos on to a friend or colleague who might be interested.

For anyone wanting more comprehensive information on these topics, check out the rest of our resources.

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Mental Health 101

Talking about mental health is a crucial part of creating a safe, healthy and welcoming workplace. But what does ‘mental health’ actually refer to? And what’s the best way to discuss it so that we understand ourselves and each other better?

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The phrase ‘self-care’ seem to be everywhere these days… but what does it actually mean and how does it fit into the performing arts? Self care looks different for everyone, this video explores how to find out what’s important for you and make it a priority in your life.

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Supportive Conversations

We want to be there for our peers, but often uncertainty and awkwardness leave us wondering where to begin. This video is perfect for anyone wanting to have supportive conversations but worries about ‘saying the wrong thing’.

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Create a Mentally Healthy workplace

We can experience some pretty unique workplaces in the performing arts – how do we make sure that they’re also mentally healthy? This video includes tips on how to assess where your workplace is currently at and ways that you can lead the change you want to see.

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Filmed and edited by Cobie Orger.

Mental Health 101 – Improvised by Adam Rudegeair

Self-care – Choreography and Performance by Maggie ‘Madfox’ Chen

Supportive Conversations – Choreography and Performance by Sal Frances and Nina Robertson

Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace – Make up and Performance by Plastic Messiah  


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