Meditations for performing arts practitioners

"Until I came across this , I hadn’t yet encountered any meditations designed especially for performers. "
- Miranda, performing artist

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Working in the performing arts requires huge amounts of physical and emotional energy. Meditation can help to harness that energy for the moments we need it most. Whether you’re performing, recharging, getting out of character, or just relaxing, we hope you find these meditations helpful.

Meditations designed and delivered by Deone Zanotto, performing artist and owner and founder of Performance Based Meditation.

Playlist - All Episodes

Single Episodes - Performance Energy

These episodes have been designed to help artists manage their energy surrounding a performance.

Harness energy, confidence and mindset for performance! The perfect addition to your pre-show warm up, or even before auditions, presentations, awards nights – any time you need performance energy.

Deeply immersive and engaging, Power Up! combines bold artistic elements with movement, music and voice to shift the viewer’s energy from isolation and separation towards expansion, fun, and renewed creative connection.

You’ve expended so much energy during a performance – this isn’t about losing that energy, but about allowing the mind and body to rest and be calm, so you are able to call on that wonderful energy whenever you need it.

A quick meditation to help you get out of ‘show’ mode and back into ‘life’ mode.

This meditation involves stepping through a ‘doorway’ – either actual or imagined. Great for getting out of character (however that applies to you), and moving forward as your wonderful self.

This meditation helps you to get out of a character, show or scene and get back into your own body. It involves running your hands over your body and flicking away energy with gratitude.

Single Episodes - General Wellbeing

Often in the arts we give so much of ourselves – our energy, time, emotions, and empathy. Take time out to extend that kindness to yourself, and embrace self-love as an active act of self-care.

Connect to your body through mindful movement and being present in the moment. This energising meditation is designed to be listened to while walking.

Connect with the power of self-healing to move towards healing the world.

Connect with hope as you move into a new world and new ways of being.

Connect with your deeper self and the collective conscious to overcome fears.

Connect to the Earth’s power and energy to feel more relaxed and safe.

Focus on your heart beat to encourage a calm and restful state.

Extend your breath to feel calm. A great technique to use any time you need to feel calm in the ‘right now’.

Bring relief to your mind and body by mentally scanning yourself from head to toe.


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