Navigate Well


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Working in the performing arts industry is exciting, rewarding, and challenging. It is also uncertain, unpredictable, and changeable, and often confusing to navigate!

Our latest guide does not tell you what to do, because everyone’s journeys and aspirations will be different. Instead it helps you figure out what matters to you, so you can craft a career you value.

Navigate Well is an introduction to career planning that is designed for the specific needs of performing arts industry workers in the gig economy.

Because Navigate Well places the control of how you want to work back into your hands, it is useful at any stage of a performing arts career.

Navigate Well includes two sections:


Navigate Well is a resource of the Arts Wellbeing Collective, an initiative of Arts Centre Melbourne. The content was created by Susan Eldridge, Notable Values and was informed by the stories, ideas and experiences of performing arts industry workers from a range of roles, companies and backgrounds.

Notable Values is led by musician, educator, coach, podcast host and consultant Susan Eldridge. Susan is fascinated by what makes people tick, and how they show up at work – whatever their work might be. She is passionate about unlocking the potential in everyone and is renowned for her ability to help individuals and organisations create elegant solutions to complex problems. As an expert on creative careers, Susan has coached and mentored over 1,000 performing arts industry workers. She really knows the challenges facing creative, artsy people – because she is one! Helping creative people to build a life of means and meaning is her mission.


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