PwC Dance and Musical Theatre education and training review


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PwC Dance and Musical Theatre – Review of National Vocational Education and Training

The Arts Wellbeing Collective team met with Alexandra Gifford to discuss the upcoming review of dance and musical theatre national vocational education and training in Australia.?

Led by PwC’s Skills for Australia, this review will explore Dance and Musical Theatre Vocational Education and Training (VET) packages.

One of the scoped projects is Project 3C: Mental Wellbeing.

Key Drivers for Change (Mental Wellbeing)

  1. Industry research indicates that workers in the creative sector experience levels of anxiety, depression and suicide at rates far greater than the general population.
  2. The current scope of existing units in vocational training is insufficient to address needs particular to creative workers.
  3. Improving mental wellbeing in the Culture and Related Industries sector requires an increased focus on the ‘self? and individual and a basic understanding of psychology.
  4. There is a need for nationally-accessible training products for creative workers who are exposed to difficult and traumatic content in or around their workplace.

The Arts Wellbeing Collective team is pleased to be assisting with this important review, and encourage you to have your say.

PwC is speaking with employers, industry representatives, peak bodies, employees, freelance workers, teachers and students to find out how training can best reflect the needs of industry.

Have your say?here.


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