Work Well Guide


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The Work Well Guide is a resource that provides performing arts organisations/collaborators with practical strategies and evidence-based tools and techniques for creating mentally healthy workplaces. 

Your workplace might be backstage, onstage, offstage, a tour bus, a shed or anything in between – but it’s still a workplace! All workplaces can benefit from taking meaningful actions to be physically, culturally, and psychologically safe.

Whether you’re working with one collaborator on a profit share in a black box space, or leading a major arts institution, creating a mentally healthy workplace is vital to the success of your work and to the health and wellbeing of the people around you.

"The guide is a welcome addition to the rehearsal studio, board room or production office, and I invite anyone whose life and work is about creating great art to have a read and incorporate the guide’s recommendations into their practice.”

This guide includes:

The majority of the Work Well Guide was created with support from Work Safe Victoria.


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