SOUND MIND launches today


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Celebrating positive mental health and the performing arts

You are warmly invited to SOUND MIND, a brand new series of music and conversation exploring mental health and the performing arts.

We are pleased to launch the first three episodes today, World Mental Health Day, with another three to be released in the coming week. Each episode celebrates those things that we love about performance – connection, meaning, purpose, engagement, sharing and storytelling, while also sharing personal experiences of mental health and wellbeing.

Produced by Maker Productions in partnership with the Arts Wellbeing Collective, we hope SOUND MIND helps give a strong sense of community and a resounding message of hope, encouragement and empowerment through immense difficulty.

“The fact that we have this incredible collection of performers and hosts so willing to come together to create SOUND MIND says so much about the need to address mental health across the performing arts and entertainment industry at the moment, “- said producer Alex Rathgeber of Maker Productions.

“The idea with SOUND MIND is that it’s a creative approach to starting mental health conversations, exploring ways of finding connection and a stronger sense of community in this time, and celebrating the immeasurable value of the performing arts in all of our lives, especially right now.

Arts Centre Melbourne CEO, Claire Spencer AM, shared, “We are thrilled to be a part of the inaugural series of SOUND MIND. When we launched the Arts Wellbeing Collective Pilot Program in February 2017, we had no idea that this program would become more and more relevant as our industry faces challenges, disruption, and change on such an astounding level.”

SOUND MIND is a joyous celebration of the power of storytelling and live performance to connect, empower, and inspire us. The stories, insights and experiences shared by every collaborator are reminders of the resilience, capability and adaptability of this sector. It was a privilege to work with so many incredible performing arts workers in creating this unique and very special series. We are honoured to support it.

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