Tour Well for Tour Managers launches at PAC Australia’s Performing Arts Exchange


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Arts Centre Melbourne and Arts on Tour have led the development of a brand new resource, Tour Well for Tour Managers: tips and techniques for designing tours to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

We were thrilled to attend PAC Australia’s 33rd Conference and National Performing Arts Exchange to launch our newest resource, Tour Well for Tour Managers.

Tour Well for Tour Managers is divided into three sections, Design Well (pre-tour), Deliver Well (on tour) and End Well (post-tour), with suggestions for prevention, promotion and management in each, allowing you to select the tips and techniques that are most relevant to your touring context, whether it be short- or long-term, regional, rural, metropolitan or internationally, or any other kind!

Prevent mental health problems on tour through increasing awareness of mental health, encouraging choices and actions that enhance wellbeing, and minimising practices that might be harmful.

Promote the positive aspects of touring – look for ways to positively engage the company, build a sense of community and collegiality. Essentially – you want to find ways to do more of the good, more!

Manage mental health problems in an effective, compassionate and meaningful way. For example, access to professional support, and clear policies and procedures on what to do if someone becomes unwell.

By incorporating a few ideas from all three sections at all three stages, you help ensure your efforts are more effective, connected, and focussed on meaningful and sustainable positive change.

And don’t worry if you’re low on budget – many of the suggestions are free or low cost!

Download a copy of Tour Well for Tour Managers.

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