Mental Health Matinee: Anti-Fatigue Toolkit

March 18, 2024 @ 13:00

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Most of us work in the performing arts because we love it! But when you’re battling fatigue, it can erode your enjoyment – and safety – on the job you’ve worked hard for.

This mental health matinee explores steps to ensure you’re getting enough rest, including why it’s important performing arts leaders and organisations set up an environment which mitigates this risk to employees and performing arts workers.

Carly is a self-proclaimed ‘sleep enthusiast’ who has worked across various production, event management and OH&S roles. She has studied the academic occupational sleep research and has test driven techniques that can help us when we work those irregular and sometimes crazy hours.  Learn these 5 sleep hacks you can start using right away in your busy performing arts life.

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Mon 18 March 2024 | 1 – 2pm AEDT

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Arts Wellbeing Collective

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