Mental Health Matinée: Emotional agility and dealing with uncertainty

October 25, 2021 @ 13:00

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How do we keep going in the Arts, when we’re experiencing burnout, hopelessness and the future seems so uncertain?

Join arts-focused psychologist Chris Cheers as he takes this question head on and gives practical strategies for learning to process emotion, focusing on what matters and anchoring ourselves in challenging times.

Bring your questions – and your feels – and let’s tackle this uncertain future together.

Chris Cheers is a psychologist, facilitator and lecturer based in Melbourne. Before training as a psychologist, Chris worked for arts organisations across Australia, developing a rich understanding of the industry. This led to Chris Cheers Psychology: a business specialising in providing mental health support and workshops to clients in the arts, performance and creative industries.

Chris has provided workshops and consultation with Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, the Arts Wellbeing Collective, the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and various independent theatre productions and films.

Chris is an endorsed Educational and Developmental Psychologist and has also has expertise in supporting LGBTQI+ clients across all ages. Chris has been a university Lecturer in Psychology since 2011 and is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Alcohol and Policy Research at La Trobe University.

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